Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I cancel my account?

Please send us a support ticket.

Please be aware. Members who are caught cheating will have their accounts put on permenant BLOCK status. 
BLOCKED accounts will not be deleted from our system to help maintain security and to prevent further fraud.

 2. I forgot my password?

3. Can I have multiple accounts?

No, this is not allowed.
Any members found to be operating more than 1 account will be banned from using our site. We recommend you view our terms for full details of our rules relating to multiple accounts.

4. I come from country not support English language ,Can I register Account at ?

Yes , Our site is made available to all countries. However, you must be over 18 years of age to participate.

5. Why is my account marked as cheater?

There are many reasons why your account can be marked as cheater. The most commons reasons are listed below:

(1) Our fraud detection system has detected that you are using multiple accounts.

(2) Our fraud detection system has detected that you are using a known cheater PROXY IP address or range of IP addresses.

(3) You have failed our telephone verification process

(4) You have changed your Internet ISP connection from one country to another country

(5) You are using a mobile or satellite internet connection ( you should not use mobile or satellite internet connection since this will not work with our website )

(6) You are using an Anonymous IP address

(7) Your account has failed one of our security checks.

If your account has been marked as cheater and you think this is a mistake then you should send us a support ticket and we will evaluate your request.